Strategy vision

We love what we do and we want to do more of it.
A smile and a laugh is always a part of the job.

It is in our blood to move ourselves and others
– on wheels, water, wings or legs – and in the mindset

Our mission, vision and goals

E-mobility for the individual – Sustainability for all of us

Our mission at ECOmove is to develop unique, innovative and tailor-made solutions for electric vehicles and e-mobility.

To provide solutions which enable the development of economical and climate-friendly vehicles.

With ECOmove technologies, car designers and manufacturers can build vehicles that take up less space, cost less and simultaneously get longer range and better performance. ECOmove offers solutions for areas such as drivetrain, chassis, suspension, bodywork and power pack modules.

ECOmove not only develops innovative components – we also design the solutions as separate modules, so that new models and vehicle types can be developed in a more quick and inexpensive way, by combining and configuring the existing modules.

With extensive knowledge, experience and network within e-mobility, as well as a base of innovative components, ECOmove aims to be a preferred partner to car designers and manufacturers to assist in developing attractive products which unite function, safety and low weight.