QBEAK Mini is born from the desire to create a agile lightweight electric vehicle that is city-freindly and interesting to drive. At the same time the safety rating should be top of the class and the consumption lower than seen before.

The R&D team at ECOmove created the QBEAK Mini and together with a group of industry specialists performing the development and integration of technologies to fulfill the objectives: The best-in-class urban vehicle.

The ECOmove® Qstrung is used for the chassis and it has already been tested according to the EuroNCAP protocol (offset frontal and side collision) with remarkable results.

The ECOmove® Qwheel will power the vehicle in a rear wheel drive/300V/45kW configuration.

A rolling chassis for many vehicles

The QBEAK Mini rolling chassis is at an advanced level and is available for evaluation programs, testing and prototype purposes. Starting from below 100 kg, it is available for three and four seated applications and in a number of variants on the same base.

Ask for more information at info@ecomove.dk.