Roadrazer ecomove

Lightweight winners

ECOmove was founded in the spring of 2009 by Mikkel Steen Pedersen, Lone Stubdrup and Rasmus Worup. In 2007, Mikkel Steen Pedersen and Lone Stubdrup won the title ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ in a Danish television programme with the lightweight car ‘Roadrazer’.

The Roadrazer was a lightweight race car developed and constructed from scratch. Built in various lightweight materials, the Roadrazer gave a thrilling race experience of ‘wearing the car’ instead of getting into it.

Go to roadrazer.com for further information.

Innovation for the environment

As the work progressed, a number of revolutionary technologies and solutions saw the light of day – and so did the interest in these from the car industry. The best demonstration of these solutions is the prototype of the QBEAK – ECOmove’s in-house designed electric car – which also serves as an invaluable rolling test facility for further development. Although the technologies are gathered in the same car, each one of them is unique, and can be used separately in other vehicles.

QBEAK – The EV concept from ECOmove

Today, ECOmove has grown into a company that possess extensive knowledge, experience, network and competences within technologies for e-mobility. As a result of the skills to combine mechanics and electronics, the passionate team in ECOmove has – over the years – developed some unique and innovative solutions within e-mobility; solutions that benefit both users and manufacturers as well as the environment.

The technologies and projects

ECOmove is maturing its chassis (Qstrung) and in-wheel (Qwheel) technologies in the BEHICLE project. During this project, the technologies will be tested and proved in a series of vehicles. See more here