ECOmove® Qwheel – In-wheel motor unit for on/off-highway vehicles



The ECOmove Qwheel is powerful and compact. Based on a compact PMAC traction motor the full power-train is located within the wheel.

With this system every car builder can design BEVs and HEVs with freedom and few limitations. A real space and weight saver for electric vehicles and an ideal solution for optimal weight distribution.

All-in-one: Traction, braking (disc+caliber, hand-brake and regenerative braking) and steering is included – or not; choose what you require. The architecture of the ECOmove Qwheel is open to various requirements for torque, acceleration, speed and wheelbase. This powertrain immediately support 2 and 4-wheel drive. The un-sprung weight is low and best-in-class with excellent weight:power ratio. Flexible adaption plates does implementation in predesigned suspension systems possible.

  • Electric driveline: Motor, controls, brakes
  • Modular design  – customizable: Torque, power, braking (also re-generative) and steering.
  • Low weight – 21 kg.
  • 40+ kW max power
  • Wheel torque up to 490 Nm
  • Minimum of moving parts and limited maintenance requirements

Download InWheel unit specifications paper