Meet ECOmove at NRGi Green Expo Horsens 2012

NRGi Green ExpoFor the next three months, Horsens is hosting the EU meetings related to the EU Presidency. It is a unique opportunity for businesses to demonstrate what we are capable of in the field of sustainability and green tech. New and innovative Danish approaches and products will be presented at the exhibition NRGi Green Expo Horsens 2012. Meet ECOmove here.
ECOmove is one company grabbing the opportunity to boost their business while Horsens is hosting the EU Presidency. Therefore, ECOmove will be presented at the exhibition NRGi Green Expo Horsens 2012 with their new and innovative e-car QBEAK.

“The EU Presidency is a unique chance for a company like ours. We are in the process of developing a new technology for e-cars, and we are now going global with this technology and the new e-car QBEAK”, says Mogens Løkke, CEO of ECOmove.

Green Spring is coming

The NRGi Green Expo Horsens2012 presents Danish companies, institutions, knowledge centres and organisations to demonstrate and profile innovative Danish approaches and products focusing on sustainability. The expo-area covers 38.000 m2 and is placed in relation to Forum Horsens, where the meetings will take place.

”We have great expectations for this and are looking forward to meeting policymakers, reporters and city officials from all over Europe. This is our opportunity to show, that here we have a Danish EV concept developer and manufacturer with a unique product and a developing-proces that have payed attention to sustainability from the very start”, says Mogens Løkke and continues:

“We have to tell as many as possible what Danish developers and manufacturers have to offer in terms of green initiatives within for instance transportation. Denmark is already a major exporter of products and services within the automotive industry, but the industry has the potential to grow further if politicians decide to give priority to e-cars”.

The EU-meetings will be held in Horsens from April to June, and they cover a broad spectrum of subjects. A total of 15,000 people are anticipated in Denmark in the period.

Find ECOmove and the innovative e-car QBEAK at the Insero booth.

Opening days:

  • 18 April 10.00-15.00
  • 19 April Kl. 10.00-15.00
  • 20 April Kl. 10.00-13.00
  • 24 April 10.00-15.00
  • 3 May 09.00-18.00
  • 7 May 10.00-17.00
  • 27 May 10.00-15.00
  • 28 May10.00-15.00
  • 5 June 10.00-15.00
  • 10 June 10.00-14.00.

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