Danish EU Presidency committed to sustainability

horsens euThe EU Presidency was officially handed over from Poland to Denmark on January 11th, 2012. During the second half of the Presidency, the city of Horsens will host the EU meetings. This will be a unique opportunity for businesses to demonstrate what Horsens – and Denmark as a whole – is capable of in the field of sustainability and green tech.

When Horsens is to host a string of EU summits, the climate will be put on the agenda as well. The Danish Presidency has announced its commitment to sustainability, thus offering a wide range of opportunities for businesses to demonstrate Denmark’s capabilities in the field of green tech.

“The EU Presidency is a unique chance for a company like ours. We are in the process of developing a new technology for e-cars, and we are now going global with this technology and the new e-car ‘QBEAK’, says Mogens Løkke, CEO of ECOmove.

“We have to tell the world what Danish developers and manufacturers have to offer in terms of green initiatives, for instance within transportation. Denmark is already a major exporter of products and services within the automotive industry, but the industry has the potential to grow even further if politicians decide to give more priority to e-cars”, says Mogens Løkke.

The large growth potential in the industry has been identified by the analytical firm Deloitte, and in the light of the EU Presidency, ECOmove and the other development companies in the area will naturally receive much attention.

“So we are already planning an array of activities during the period”, says Mogens Løkke.

Green spring is coming

The EU meetings will be held in Horsens from April 18th to June 21st, both days included. The meetings will cover a broad spectrum of subjects and will gather policymakers, reporters and city officials. A total of 15,000 people are anticipated in Denmark in the period.

In addition, Horsens will be hosting the cycling race Giro d’Italia this spring. The race will be kicked off in Horsens on the 7th of May, and in keeping with tradition, the Giro will gather around 200 million television viewers and a huge number of race organisers, spectators, cycling enthusiasts and reporters.

“The events this spring are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and at Horsens Business, Innovation & Tourism Centre we encourage all businesses in the area to grab this opportunity to boost their sales”, says Torben Busk, chairman of the Centre.