Danish car designer behind new and sporty e-car design

sporty e-car

During the past many months, ECOmove’s innovative e-car QBEAK has been the focal point of a thesis project performed at Coventry School of Art and Design in England. The newly-qualified Danish car designer, Simon Sneftrup, is behind the project. He has just completed his Master in Automotive Design by designing a new e-car called “ECOmove Essence”, which is based on the QBEAK platform.

‘Simple, sporty and agile’. This was how Simon Sneftrup’s e-car project ‘ECOmove Essence’ was characterised when it was presented at the College Exhibition, Coventry University MA Degree Show 2011.

The characterisation is spot on, says Simon Sneftrup. He has a very Scandinavian approach to design and art – an approach shaped during his studies in Automotive Design in England and gained from previous studies in industrial design at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

“I love the simplicity and the clear mode of expression. This is also reflected in my design of ECOmove Essence”, explains Simon Sneftrup, who considers the Scandinavian expression to be one of his strengths.

Unique platform

Like QBEAK, ECOmove Essence has a very simple, light and flexible platform, among other things because the electric motors are housed in the wheels. Moreover, the use of alternative materials such as plastic reduces the weight of the car to a minimum. Altogether, this allows for an energy efficient car that offers maximum flexibility for solving different tasks.

“With this unique platform, I have been able to design a low-chassis e-car with an element of sportiness and excellent driveability”, says Simon Sneftrup who decided to design ECOmove Essence as a two-person commuter/city car with focus on the driving experience.

Originally, Simon Sneftrup came up with the idea of cooperating with the Danish e-car manufacturer ECOmove after having read an article about ECOmove’s e-car QBEAK on bilmagasinet.dk.

sporty e-car

Car designer of the future

There is no doubt in Simon Sneftrup’s mind that he will also be designing e-cars in the future.

“With the rapid development we see today in the electric car area, designing electric cars will be a natural and integral part of designing cars in general”, says Simon and continues:

“There are also great opportunities for Denmark to assert itself in the international automotive industry. Hopefully, this will also be the case for ECOmove. And I think it would be really exciting to be part of that development.”

CEO of ECOmove, Mogens Løkke, says that the collaboration on ECOmove Essence has been very fruitful and inspiring.

“We think it is very interesting to see our platform being used in different contexts. This also inspires us to see things in a different perspective, says Mogens Løkke.

The official launch of QBEAK is expected to take place by mid 2012, after which it will be ready for sale.