Autobloggreen 01.10.2010

ECOmove unveils first QBEAK prototype – reveals modular transformable transportation.


ECOmove, a new Danish EV company, has just unveiled the first model of their QBEAK series in their hometown of Horsens. Their first prototype is a topless electric runabout that incorporates many of the things you’d expect in a city car, including compact size, light weight and modular chassis. It also has a few surprises like sliding electric doors, a centered driver position and smart phone-based instrumentation within the steering wheel. The company expects to show other, full-body models in the near future.

What all the QBEAK vehicles share is a slick “skateboard” platform that opens a world of possibilities. Made of aluminum, Kevlar composites and plastics, the base is expandable both length- and width-wise and contains all the auto’s control systems and batteries. Both the motors and suspension bits are located within the wheels.

Designed to be rust-free and robust, the QBEAK suite of vehicles incorporate recyclable body panels that can be swapped to update both color and style. They can also be ordered with a varied amount of batteries – from one to six – with the full complement apparently good for a 250-kilometer (155-mile) range.

Though the price at this time is only described as “attractive” and no delivery dates have been set, you can already sign up for a place in line – no deposit necessary – at their website which also has an English version in the works. Hit the jump for a short bit of video of the car’s official unveiling by EU Climate commissioner Conny Hedegaard.